​Reporting by Travis Chase

BREAKING NEWS-  On a normal day, Philbert London, the POPE of Beacon Ministries Sanctuary is a ‘man of God’ that his congregation, both young and old is instructed to call him ‘daddy’ or ‘PAPA’.

Today, he’s no longer seen as a  “spiritual daddy” but a man who harbored his female church members as sex slaves at his home, which he calls the ‘VATICAN’, and most times on the pulpit of his very church.

Leaked images and show the ‘POPE’ at his best, engaging in other immoral activities with female members of his church aside serving them with the Holy Scriptures. In one of the videos, the ‘POPE’ tells one of his victims to ‘suck his d**k and call him the pope.”

NOTE: The ‘POPE’ recorded the ordeals himself.

When contacted and shown the images and videos, a spokesperson for the ‘POPE’ told this reporter that ‘ NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE POPE’S BEHAVIOUR, HE’S STILL A MAN.”

A female victim, (name withheld,) says the ‘POPE’ lures the many women into his immoral circles amidst dirty Whatsap and OOVOO conversations.

She alleges that she has had two abortions for the ‘man of God’ to hide the shameful act from the public. That victim decided to share with the world her ordeal to warn other women not to fall for such acts.

More to the Pope’s drama are reports that prominent media houses have been paid hefty sums to keep the story out of the press. It was until subtle points were made on social media that the images were posted. 

The Pope in response to the debacle quoted a bible scripture.

He quoted from the book of Psalms, Chapter 35, Verse 4, which states “Let them be put to shame and dishonor who seek and require my life; let them be turned back and confounded who plan my hurt!”

The video is expected to be posted later today and this website will keep you updated.