“Voted like a boss and now you’re treated like an ass,” read the lone placard that remained outside of Parliament on Wednesday as the vendors protesting their relocation dwindled.

This was of course precluded by mad dash by the Town Clerk to spread sand. Yes! Spread sand in the mad rush to prepare land for the vendors. 24 Hours they said. 24 hours soon come. It’s going to be another thing when ¾ of the vendors cant fit onto the lot.

Again today the government said it will not budge on the renaming of  the Ogle Airport into the Correia International Airport.

Sir, Honorable Sir – Are you aware that 9 out of the ten operators at Ogle are against the name change?

Sir Hunnerable Sir – You think that in any proper democracy the name change would have been proceeded with? Yes?!? No?!?

Well prepare to welcome the name change on May 9 – yes invitations have already been dispatched

Annette said “we are a peaceful people, struggling we struggle…we ent looking for no trouble…just ask around”

But if trouble stirs that pot at Ogle what’s going to happen? What if the operators shut down their business for 2-3 days? Sure they might lose some coins but what else? Surely you stand to lose more revenue with the name change? Too radical?

Here’s another option just incase neither sides have considered it – how about Eugene C International Airport? No Correia but still Correia? Sure this would be a viable option.

Come into the House and hearing things like “cock man.” Quick question for the heckler… who is the cock man? Next thing, them is works for the August House?

Remember the crime thing? Yea. It’s still not happening.

But see and don’t touch. Complain but shut ya mouth cause the APNU+AFC knows what it’s doing. Trust the Green and Yellow.

To quote Amna Ally and end “Let me remind the Opposition that we are the Government and we will not allow you to tell us how to run the government.”

P.S Still waiting on the Green and yellow invitation to Social Cohesion Day