State Minister, Joseph Harmon
State Minister, Joseph Harmon

How dare you!? How dare you have the audacity to question the shenanigans of the man you elected to office? How dare you demand some sort of explanation from this man that is the Minister of State. How dare you ask this man to explain himself like he is some sort of public servant? How could you have the audacity to cry for better from an Administration simply because it campaigned on change and the Capital City has changed? How dare you even begin to criticize how the country’s money is being spent? After all, it’s not as if 30% of your salary is taxed and then you pay 16% VAT.

Surely, this must at least be part the rational in the minds of the people that are protesting in favour of Guyana’s Minister of State.  Why else would persons turn up at a function bearing placards saying the Minister of State is not corrupt?  It’s not like they’ve published photos of this man in the private jet of a company that he hugely criticized while in Opposition.

ProtestIt’s not like this man didn’t over step his jurisdiction and ordered that vehicles seized by the Guyana Revenue Authority be relinquished to Bai Shan Lin despite them trying to evade taxes and actually forged the license plate for one of the vehicles. Say it aint so! Say this company hasn’t been the butt of controversy since it arrived in Guyana. Say it ain’t so! SAY IT.

You can’t. Because like it or not, things are not looking well for the APNU+AFC Administration and in particular Mr Joseph Harmon.

People may still have confidence in the Administration, in President David Granger, but they feel betrayed and more than likely have lost respect for the Minister of State.


His alleged shady and unchallenged dealings with Bai Shan Lin and Brian ‘BK’ Tiwarie, has left quite a bitter taste in the mouths of the Guyanese people.

But, oh no! Here comes the Press Secretary to the Minister of State issuing a statement via Facebook. Good being no! Say it ain’t so! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Stateswoman issued a statement, signed sealed and delivered via Facebook with the Minister of State defending himself against the publications. Slam bam, without a thank you ma’am.

The statement is as follows:

Minister of State Joseph Harmon is not concerned that the current organised campaign to damage his reputation will affect the way he performs his duties as a Minister. Minister Harmon says he has always felt it that it was the people who elected him, and the people who elected the coalition government who decide whether or not that government is performing – “not one or two newspaper columnists or one or two persons who write  newspaper articles.” The Minister of State says the President has spoken on the matter definitively and he respects the President’s judgment therefor he (the Minister of State) need not say more.

Sunday April 10, 2016

Malika N Ramsey

Press Secretary to the Minister of State


Several things are wrong with this statement


  • The Minister of State promised a detailed statement on the allegations. Was that the detailed statement? If it is, then it is disrespectful!!!!
  • How can you say that you are not concerned about a supposed campaign to tarnish your repute? Are you so aloof that you do not realize that you need to be concerned with public perception? It would do well for you to remember that you are a PUBLIC SERVANT. Taxpayers pay you.
  • Those same “one or two newspaper columnists or one or two persons who write newspaper articles” will be your downfall if you don’t pull your socks up.
  • The President has spoken definitively?? Ammm Where? When? How? Who did he speak to? Maybe he spoke to you but the public has not been given any sort of explanation.

When all of this is said and done the Government can’t seem to take criticism. The moment you say something that doesn’t shine them in a positive light it’s an issue. No boss man, this thing don’t work so.

President David Granger
President David Granger

So many persons want Harmon to gracefully make an exit or for the President to make a power move and fire him. But that’s not going to happen. Do you realize who Mr Joseph Harmon is in the PNCR? If Amna Ally could be Social COHESION Minister then he can’t be fired. Prove me wrong.

Now here is the AFC saying that it want’s Harmon’s responsibilities to be lessened. That’s a nice way of saying the man got too much power and he needs to be pulled in for fitness. Nice going AFC. In case you didn’t notice, Harmon is the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Secretary of the Defence Board, Cabinet Secretary and the Minister of State.

A swig of that portfolio will leave you power drunk in no time.

Another option would be to give Harmon a diplomatic post and send him off into the sunset. Press Secretary and all. Which might just be the best thing for the coalition.

From this viewpoint it seems as though the AFC may be quietly planning to exit stage left or even planning something else.

Brian Tiwarie
Brian Tiwarie

Harmon spoke of a smear campaign and now there is Tiwarie also speaking of a possible squab between the APNU and the AFC hinting at an alleged turf war.

“The truth of the matter is that a political struggle is underway between various elements in high places and the Tiwarie so called appointment is being used by many to achieve their objectives. He is rightfully perceived as quiet, powerful and influential even more than the now famous Luncheon and this has provoked the struggle for power, for influence, for turf.”

With no apparent political loyalty the musings from Tiwarie may have some truth to them but Guyana will hold its breath and wait for something, anything from the upper echelons.